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DeDe: AC SONG of the YEAR winner for "Stronger" (from Upcoming Album "Dream of You"-Nov.) PreOrder Your copy NOW!

Stronger is one of DeDe's new singles from Dream of You, releasing in mid Nov. 15!! Reserve your copy now...see below!

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My (Inspiring) Return to Nashville!

DeDe talks about recording @ legendary Nashville Studio 515 and her inspiring work with Andrew Fromm who wrote NSync's Millenium Album...

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DeDe's September 2015 News and Upcoming Album Release!

DeDe's New Hit Album "Dream of You" is releasing in Oct. 2015!

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New Orleans House of Blues-Here We Come!

DeDe's the SHOWCASE performer at this year's Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans Aug. 27, 7:30-9pm

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Ah Spring...!

DeDe Spring 2015 News!

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Did you see it? Today’s hottest tweet among people I follow https://t.co/brDB6CcuJ7 by @MarionSpekker
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