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And the Results Are In...My Jan '15 Songwriting News

Some Songwriting Wins in January Help Take the "Bite" out of Winter for DeDe...

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Holiday Special on the Holiday Album of the YEAR!

CD's only $12.50 each with FREE SHIPPING on Hardcopy CD's (shipped in the US Mainland, unlimited quantities) in Dec 2014! Click Here to order Now!


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Giving Thanks...My November News

DeDe's been writing in LA with Kevin De Clue, President of Dominion Entertainment, who's worked with Hillary Duff, Jewel, and Pink among others...her new album's set to release Spring 2015.

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DeDe wins 3 Awards at the IMEA Awards

DeDe, Tenasie (Pronounced Tennessee), & Matt Huff with awards at the 2014 IMEA Awards Oct. 4

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Link http://t.co/8I3fZI5Dx7 by @rypihibaguge is the most popular tweet in my news feed today.
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